Naval Dockyard Mumbai develops IR based temperature sensor


Naval Dockyard, Mumbai has designed and developed its own handheld IR-based temperature sensor to screen a large number of staff at the entrance gates of the garden, relieving security guards at the gate. The instrument is manufactured under Rs. 1000 / – through own resources (which is a fraction of the cost of the temperature guns on the market).

The ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 has led to one of the greatest medical emergencies in the world in recent times. Given the massive increase in the number of infected patients, the nation’s medical infrastructure is being tested.

The 285-year-old Naval Dockyard (ND) of Western Naval Command (WNC) has an average influx of approximately 20,000 personnel entering its buildings daily. In view of COVID-19, the initial screening of these personnel entering the yard was essential to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the yard and the Western fleet. The most tentative method of screening a likely patient is through contactless body temperature monitoring.

Since the outbreak, the contactless thermometers or temperature guns have become scarce on the market and are sold at a very high cost. To overcome the scarcity and need of large numbers, ND (Mumbai) designed and developed its own portable IR-based temperature sensor with an accuracy of 0.02 degrees Celsius. The contactless thermometer has an infrared sensor and an LED display integrated with a microcontroller that runs on a 9V battery. This initiative has provided a tool for screening a large number of staff at the entrance gates of the yard, reducing the burden on security guards at the gate.

With a manufacturing cost of less than Rs 1000 / -, the shipyard has the ability to scale up its production, if necessary, to which components are sourced.

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