Netflix Renews ‘Stranger Things’ For Season 4

Netflix has officially renewed its Stranger Things for a fourth season. The announcement was made in an enigmatic teaser saying “We’re not at Hawkins Anymore,” pointing to a break with the fictional scenery of Hawkins’ acclaimed science-fiction drama, Indiana. Beyond the teaser, a specific release date has not been revealed. Season 1 started on July 2016 and Season 2 was launched in October 2017.

However, Season 3 took a little longer and ended on July 4, of 2020. It is therefore difficult to predict when fans should expect season 4. In addition to Stranger Netflix confirms that series creators Matt and Ross Duffer have signed a contract for multi-year film and television content. Netflix did not reveal the specific terms of the deal, but sources told The Hollywood Reporter that the deal was worth at least nine digits. We do not know what the Duffer brothers will create for Netflix beyond Stranger Things.

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However, their relationship with Netflix has been successful so far, with Stranger Things considered to be the most popular original series of the streaming service. Usually, Netflix does not reveal the number of viewers, but it confirmed in July that 40.7 million households had at least partly watched the third season of Stranger Things in its first four days.