News owners react to the end of local emergency orders COVID-19

News owners react to the end of local emergency orders COVID-19

“I’m not a scientist, but you know we’ve just been doing what we’re supposed to do just trying to get through it like everybody else,” he said. Metro Deli has been in the downtown Tallahassee area for almost 20 years. Bazemore said he’s finally starting to see business picking back up since the pandemic. Across town, Pineappétit Owner Sam Burgess recently opened a brick-and-mortar after working out of a food truck since 2014. Burgess said it’s been a lot of hard work to get to this point, and with a 12 person staff, he’s not willing to risk the health and safety of his staff or other customers.

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“However they were given to us, we’ve followed them the way we were supposed to. I suppose with this one we’ll do the same thing. We’ll keep anybody who wants to wear it, they’re certainly welcome to, and if some customers don’t want to, well keep on going with them as well,” said Bazemore. Metro Deli Owner Rob Bazemore said that he’s been adjusting to the different guidelines from the beginning, and he’s planning to do the same with this new update.

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Although the customers will still be asked to social distance and mask up at Pineappétit, and Metro Deli will offer customers a choice, all city ordinances requiring COVID restrictions will end under the new order. “It’s very important for us to follow those guidelines in regard to what we consider as being safe. As far as wearing masks, making sure that your gloves are always being changed and things of that nature. We just want to stick to the highest standard as we can possible to make sure that we keep ourselves and our guests safe,” said Burgess.

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  • News owners react to the end of local emergency orders COVID-19
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