News: Photography experts behind Halide camera app explain iPhone XS advancements, skin smoothing, more

Halide, a popular camera application, studies and tests iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max cameras. In short, they discovered that the new camera deviated greatly from the previous generation iPhone camera.

Mr. Halide's team confirmed Apple's marketing that iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max's new camera system brought in the new digital photography era. It is not as hardware as software uses hardware.

Specifically, the course Beauty filter According to Halide, this is due to "a more aggressive combination of noise reduction and exposure that reduces sharpness by removing brighter, darker contrasts."

In the latter case it is important to understand how the brain feels sharp and how artists make things clearer.

It does not work like a CSI comic show that the detective screams "to improve" on the screen. You can not add lost details. However, you can deceive your brain by adding areas with small contrast.

Simply put, the iPhone XS merges the exposure, reduces the brightness of the bright parts, and reduces the shadow's darkness. All the details are still the re, but the human eye does not look much clearer because of the local contrast.

According to Halide, this also extends beyond the color of the skin. Pictures of subjects shot in the dark – whether cats or grain of wood, we are profiting from what we call smoothing. Simply put, the iPhone XS features more aggressive noise reduction than previous models.

In their tests, iPhone XS thinks the ISO sensitivity is high and the shutter speed is fast. This leads to faster photos, but the noise is higher.

To counter this, iOS's new Smart HDR feature takes several pictures and assembles them, so you can actively reduce noise. Also, you see the loss of detail and the local contrast.

This is particularly clearly self drawn behind a very hard lighting like the sun. Self does not boast, but it will reduce the details.

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