Nintendo Launches NES Wireless Controller Dedicated to Switching

Nintendo announced a new wireless NES controller for the switch console. Players can enjoy the classic title coming to the online subscription service with the designed controller. On September 18th, the company launched an online service similar to PSN and Xbox Live, announcing 20 kinds of classic Nintendo titles available for free and other titles that are going to arrive on a continuous basis.

This new controller is sold in two pairs. This is specially designed to allow you to play the classic with the most nostalgic setting. The package is priced at $ 59.99 and will begin shipping in mid December.

Image: Nintendo

Unfortunately, it seems there is a catch. On the new controller's web page, Nintendo limits the purchase of one for each Nintendo account by Nintendo DS 's individual or paid family subscription, limited to the Nintendo switch online.

It seems to suggest that only one set of these devices can be purchased and that purchase is limited to those who purchase the next subscription to the company's online service. A Nintendo spokesperson confirmed that only one set of Nintendo account holders could be purchased and confirmed that it will not be sold only once after going online. Nintendo will switch online on September 18. Nintendo says it is not eligible for free trial users.

Update 13/13, 19: 49 ET: Nintendo revealed that the controller is sold only in 2 packs.

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Nintendo Launches NES Wireless Controller Dedicated to Switching

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