Nintendo signs a deal to monetize game content with Collab Asia

Nintendo signs a deal to monetize game content with Collab Asia

Collab Asia’s creators are approved to monetise Nintendo game content through the several methods which include Facebook Game Streamer, Facebook Level Up programme, Niconico Creators programme, Niconico Channel, OPENREC Creators programme, Twitch Affiliate programme and Twitch Partner programme, and YouTube Partner programme.

Nintendo has inked a new licensing agreement with digital content studio and talent network, Collab Asia.  According to its press release, the agreement, named Collab Asia Game Streamers, will monetise gameplay footage derived from Nintendo game content, accelerating support for the production, distribution, and monetisation of live game videos.

“As the premier digital media partner for creators, brands, and media platforms in Asia, we understand that people are consuming more content and creating more content than ever before across Asia. As part of this, we look forward to enabling our creators to responsibly create content using Nintendo’s unparalleled intellectual property, storied titles, and legendary characters,” Eugene Choi, the CEO and co-founder of Collab Asia said.

In an email to MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, Choi said that the partnership would cover game streamers in Collab Asia Network in and out of Japan, provided that they are on the list of creators that is submitted to Nintendo, that have posted or will post Nintendo content.

“The main draw would be for creators. This is a draw for us to recruit more gaming channels as we would be the only entity outside of Japan that can help them monetise their streams with Nintendo content. It will help us to grow a bigger gaming audience as well, which ultimately may be of interest to marketers and advertisers who are trying to reach that demographic,” Choi added.

The new agreement that allows the creators to monetise Nintendo Game Content would benefit social streamers who, according to a study by Digimind in April 2020, are predominantly Gen Z players. Its research shows that they are usually devoted to one game, which they play or stream almost every day. Vocal about opinions on game updates and regularly post game-related content on their social channels. They have a highly active, engaged and targeted community of followers.

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