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NIPER Guwahati comes out with 3D products to fight against COVID-19

by Rahul Chauhan
1 minutes read

The National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research – Guwahati (NIPER-G) has released two aids to help fight the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19.

The first product is a 3D-printed hands-free object that can be used to open or close doors, windows, drawers (both vertical and horizontal) and refrigerator handle, or to press elevator buttons and keyboards for laptops / desktops, including turning the toggle buttons on / off. The researchers came up with the design construction of the 3D-printed object after detailed analyzes of various risk measurement sources and how viruses spread with bare hands. The face shield is also easy to design and it is possible to quickly develop prototypes. It is also inexpensive, easy to carry, has good chemical stability, is not fragile, and is easy to clean with the existing disinfectants or other alcoholic disinfectant.

The second product is a 3D-printed antimicrobial face shield to control the spread of new coronavirus. It is designed after an in-depth study to understand how viruses spread through oral, ophthalmic, odor and other body cavities

NIPER & # 39; s are Centers of Excellence institutes of the Department of Pharmaceutical, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers. The seven institutes are functional in Ahmadabad, Hyderabad, Hajipur, Kolkata, Guwahati, Mohali and Raebareli.

A video conference was held yesterday with Dr. PD Vaghela, Secretary, Pharmaceuticals New Delhi, to assess the performance of NIPERS in research and innovation activities, in particular regarding the ways in which NIPERS have and can contribute to the country’s fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

All directors and chairman attended the meeting, Dr. U.S.N Murty, director, NIPER-Guwahati, said NIPER-G was committed to helping the country fight coronavirus through rapidly validated prototype / product development and deployment. “NIPER-G is committed to providing useful contributions and solutions.” He said NIPER-G also made a skin-friendly herbal cleanser. He said the industrial production of his new products is done in collaboration with Hindustan Antibiotics Limited, (HAL), a departmental PSU.

Doors, windows, switch buttons, elevator buttons, drawer knob, refrigerator handle and laptop / desktop keyboards are some of the most germs in homes, hospitals, factories, businesses, institutions, organizations and other buildings. In this current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, this aspect can play a key role in transmitting infection from one person to another through bare hand contacts or an infected surface source.

(With inputs from PIB)

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