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Northern Virginia Steering Committee Engages Faculty and Staff at Town Hall: Future Vision of Virginia Tech in the D.C. Area

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Northern Virginia Steering Committee Engages Faculty and Staff at Town Hall: Future Vision of Virginia Tech in the D.C. Area

Sources say, Virginia Tech’s steering committee is working diligently to enhance the university’s presence and impact in the nation’s capital. The committee’s scope of work encompasses instructional, research, and extension missions, with a particular focus on initiatives that will set Virginia Tech apart among land-grant universities.

The committee operates in three distinct phases, each with its own set of deliverables and recommendations. These strategic positions, organizational structures, and operational support for the DC area are vital components in advancing Virginia Tech’s mission in this region.

Currently in phase two of their work, the committee is conducting a comprehensive analysis of various factors. This includes evaluating the region’s operational needs, budget models, facilities and operating costs, enrollment figures, transportation options, and housing models. By examining these critical aspects, they aim to create a robust framework that supports faculty members, staff personnel, and students while fostering collaboration between Blacksburg, Roanoke, and the greater DC area.

Amy Sebring , executive vice president and chief operating officer at Virginia Tech emphasizes that as they expand their efforts in the region, it is crucial to establish coordinated support structures that effectively serve all stakeholders involved. Such structures will not only benefit existing faculty members but also facilitate seamless collaboration across different geographical locations.

In an effort to maintain transparency throughout this process and ensure inclusivity from all stakeholders within the community at large; attendees were encouraged to participate actively by attending future town halls and sharing new ideas. Feedback was particularly valued during this stage as it provided valuable insights into refining strategies for continued success.

For those interested in contributing to this ongoing conversation or providing feedback regarding Virginia Tech’s expansion plans in the DC area; you can visit This platform serves as an avenue for individuals to share their thoughts on how best to position Virginia Tech within this vibrant ecosystem.

The university expressed gratitude towards participants for their engagement thus far while acknowledging their invaluable contributions over the past 50 years. Building upon this legacy, Virginia Tech remains committed to leveraging the opportunities presented in the nation’s capital.

In substance, Virginia Tech’s steering committee is diligently working towards advancing the university’s mission and impact in the DC area. By strategically analyzing various factors and engaging stakeholders through town halls and feedback platforms, they aim to position Virginia Tech as a leading institution among land-grant universities.


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