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Ocumetics Achieves Groundbreaking Milestone in Vision Correction Technology

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Ocumetics Achieves Groundbreaking Milestone in Vision Correction Technology

It is widely announced that, Ocumetics Technology (TSXV:OTC) has achieved a significant milestone in optimizing its vision correction technology known as the Ocumetics Accommodating Lens. The Calgary-based company, specializing in ophthalmic innovation, has made several modifications to the lens design over the past two years and has now reached the final version 10.5 configuration.

The Ocumetics Accommodating Lens is an expandable intraocular lens that can be inserted into the eye’s natural lens compartment. This innovative technology has the potential to eliminate the need for corrective lenses by allowing the eye’s natural muscle activity to seamlessly shift focus from distance to intermediate to near vision.

To ensure its effectiveness, version 10.5 of the lens underwent in vitro testing using an animal model. The positive results obtained from these trials have paved the way for upcoming human trials, which are anticipated to commence in the first quarter of 2024 in the Dominican Republic.

Dean Burns, CEO of Ocumetics Technologyexpressed his satisfaction with their progress and emphasized their commitment to delivering improved vision through an iterative design process that takes into account patient needs and feedback from researchers and advisors.

As an innovative company dedicated to advancing ophthalmic technology, Ocumetics Technology aims to develop and market advanced vision correction solutions that enhance people’s quality of life worldwide.

Despite this groundbreaking achievement, shares of Ocumetics Technology remain unchanged at C$0.34.

The finishing touch, Ocumetics Technology has made remarkable strides in optimizing its vision correction technology with version 10.5 of its Ocumetics Accommodating Lens. By continuously refining their designs based on patient needs and expert input, they are committed to fulfilling their promise of improved vision. Human trials are scheduled for early next year as they continue their pursuit of developing advanced solutions for better eyesight.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is solely for informational purposes and should not be considered investment advice. For the complete disclaimer, please refer to the source.


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