OnePlus 7T To Launch On September 26 And October 10

If you like what OnePlus has done with the OnePlus 7 and want to see what the company will do with its successor, you’ll be delighted to learn that, following rumors, it has been confirmed that the OnePlus 7T will be launched on September 26 and October 10th.

We now know that it’s a little strange to have two different dates, but according to OnePlus, the phone will be launched on September 26 as part of a “unique online revelation of the OnePlus 7T in North America” ​​that will take place at 10:30 ET. There will then be a separate event in London on October 10, called the “OnePlus 7T Series Launch Event”.

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It is a little strange that the company is surprising its events, but it has been suggested that this could be due to several reasons. One of these reasons is that, for the OnePlus 7T, not all phones can be launched in North America. The refore, the event in the region may only affect the phones (or phones) available.