News » Technology News » ‘Online frauds like phishing increasing in India during lockdown, especially threats masked as COVID-19’

‘Online frauds like phishing increasing in India during lockdown, especially threats masked as COVID-19’

by Rahul Chauhan
1 minutes read

The current scenario of the spread of the coronavirus has led to more people moving towards digital solutions, and this behavioral change is likely to have lasting effects even as the economy starts to pick up. The increasing application of digital solutions, tools and services accelerates the global transition to a digital economy.

Large and small companies, companies work from home; private sector banks are asking customers to use digital assets for transactions, food and essentials are ordered online. With more data entering, the main concern is whether or not data security is compromised. CorpGini on Zoom organized a 6-day virtual panel discussion. It started Thursday and several panelists discussed the topic of “How technology can help businesses operate during a pandemic?”

“There will be a compromise in the security field due to digitization. The number of phishing cases has skyrocketed in India, with much fraud around this time masked as Covid19 threats,” said the Global Cyber ​​Security practice, Co-Leader & Partner, KPMG India, Akhilesh Tuteja. During the session, several other unique technology trends were discussed by the panel members.

According to Hitesh Sachdev, Head of Startups, ICICI Bank, an increase in the use of drone technology by the government for surveillance and by e-commerce giants and start-ups for essential supplies will be observed. He also said that virtual call centers and chatbots can help reduce the burden on employees and customer solutions, and phone sales are becoming increasingly relevant

Gautam Balakrishnan from Tata Projects Limited’s CMO (Services) said there is a great update in workflow management systems. People were still using physical papers and everything and now it’s all digitized. On the other hand, Puneet Kaur Kohli, CTO and CIO, Manappuram Finance Ltd. For sales, the delegation at field level has become paperless, the everyday new function has been added to mobility, all relationship management has become digital.

& # 39; Defines security technology or technology defines security? & # 39; asked Ankur Garg, head of AI – Sonasoft, Venture Partner – Z Nation Lab. Tuteja answered the question by saying, “Security goes way beyond technology, technology is the creator of data / information, and security must go hand in hand. If there is no data / information, security is not required.”

“Only if you share valuable data, you need security. Security is a big profit center. I think security goes way beyond technology. In a broad sense, it’s about personal security, hygiene and many more points,” he added. # (ANI)

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