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OpenAI CEO’s Threat to Quit EU Sparks Lawmaker Backlash and Controversy

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OpenAI CEO’s Threat to Quit EU Sparks Lawmaker Backlash and Controversy

For months, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has been advocating for new regulations governing AI technology. During a recent tour of Europe, he warned that his company’s ChatGPT could leave the EU if it was over-regulated. While Altman met with top politicians from France, Spain, Poland, Germany and the UK to discuss the future of AI and progress on ChatGPT, he did not visit Brussels where EU regulators are working on the long-awaited EU AI Law.

Altman’s claim that the current draft of the EU AI Law would be over-regulating was disputed by EU lawmakers responsible for shaping the legislation. They suggested inviting him to Parliament so that he could express his concerns and hear their views on these issues. Dutch MEP Kim van Sparrentak said they should not be blackmailed by American companies and that if OpenAI cannot meet basic requirements for data governance, transparency, security and protection then its systems are not fit for the European market.

ChatGPT set a record in February for having the fastest-growing user base of any consumer app in history. However, it clashed with regulators in March when Italian data regulator Garante shut down the app nationwide after accusing OpenAI of violating European privacy rules. The app came back online after OpenAI instituted new privacy measures.

EU lawmakers have added new proposals to the bloc’s AI Law requiring any company using generative tools like ChatGPT to disclose any copyrighted material used to train their systems. Though member states can seek amendments before final approval later this year, plans are already in full swing.

While Altman may be trying to push his agenda between individual countries, Brussels’ plans to regulate technology were described as “in full swing” with some possible amendments but unlikely changes Unexpectedly according to German MEP Sergey Lagodinsky who also worked on the legislation.

Source: indianexpress


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