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Orlando: Soaring to Success as the 9th Fastest-growing Tech Hub in America!

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Orlando: Soaring to Success as the 9th Fastest-growing Tech Hub in America!

According to Best Colleges, Orlando ranks 9th among the fastest-growing tech hubs in the United States. For those working in the technology industry, Orlando is considered one of the best places to be. The city offers numerous resources for startups and tech professionals through its tech hub portal, providing networking opportunities, career development, and job postings.

One of the reasons behind Orlando’s success as a tech hub is its strong educational institutions. The University of Central Florida (UCF) plays a significant role in producing top talent for the technology field. In fact, UCF awards a high volume of STEM degrees each year, with over 4,600 degrees granted in STEM fields during the current academic year.

UCF’s faculty leads highly regarded programs in technology-related fields, particularly computer science. The university is ranked 57th for graduate computer engineering, 70th for graduate computer science programs, and 86th for undergraduate computer science programs by US News & World Report. Additionally, UCF holds the No. 20 spot for innovation nationwide.

UCF also offers specialized programs that cater to specific areas within the technology industry. For example, their graduate fintech program focuses on providing graduates with employable skills in artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, crowdfunding, cybersecurity, mobile app development, and peer-to-peer lending.

The university’s Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA) has gained recognition as one of the leading game design graduate programs globally. FIEA consistently ranks among the top two programs according to The Princeton Review and PC Gamer. Many FIEA graduates find employment within Central Florida’s thriving video game and digital media industry.

Orlando’s reputation as a modeling and simulation capital is bolstered by UCF Simulation and Training Institute’s contributions over four decades through key government partnerships. UCF’s Modeling Simulation and Training School was established in 2018 to train individuals already working in the tech space to further enhance their skills.

In terms of industry partnerships, UCF collaborates with prominent technology companies such as Lockheed-Martin and Northrup Grumman. Through university work experience programs, students have the opportunity to connect with these industry leaders even before graduation.

The region’s success in producing tech talent has been recognized by various rankings. In 2022, Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis ranked Orlando as the 25th best region in the nation and the top spot in Florida for generating tech talent. Additionally, a TonerGiant survey from last year ranked UCF as the second-best institution in Florida and eighth nationally for producing highly skilled employees for renowned technology companies.

Orlando’s reputation as a tech hub is gaining momentum, and experts believe that it is on the verge of becoming even more prominent. Ajai Singh, chair of the UCF Department of Finance, stated that he can sense Orlando’s growing reputation within the corporate world and expects it to gain global recognition soon.

With its thriving tech ecosystem, strong educational institutions like UCF, and numerous resources available for startups and professionals, Orlando proves to be an excellent location for those working in the technology industry. The city’s rapid job growth projections further solidify its position as a top destination for tech professionals.

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