Overwatch entices Ramattra with its sinister obsession with feet

Ramattra, Overwatch 2‘s newest hero, is an omnic robot who defies traditional human concepts of form and shape. But Blizzard decided that wasn’t the case for his new skin for the game’s Greek mythology-inspired event, and gave him human feet.

Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, inspired Ramattra’s skin. It includes a trident emote, tentacles that grow off his back when he transforms into his tanky Nemesis form, and two sets of five little piggies thanks to his new human feet. Blizzard, apparently unwilling to let that be just an unfortunate piece of knowledge that we all have and can forget unless we’re actively playing Overwatch 2, posted a close-up of the feet in question and asked us to “discuss” them. So now we’re here.

The strange thing is that Overwatch has an odd, ongoing obsession with feet, both in-game and in its community, and people were quick to remind whoever is running the game’s social media of this in the comments. One response included a chart of all the heroes’ feet from Overwatch (although it might need some updating, as this is the original game, not the sequel).

Another well-known example of the Overwatch community going crazy for feet was a user named Tyrone, who spent a lot of time on the game’s forums asking for emotes, highlight intros, and skins that would reveal certain characters’ feet—though no one knows what happened to them. Hopefully, nothing is going on and Tyrone is doing well.

Despite this, Sigma, the last tank character added to Overwatch’s roster before the transition to its sequel, is perhaps the most notorious for letting the dogs breathe because it’s a near constant for his character. Originally, the floating, rock-throwing scientist left his shoes at home as part of a dubious design choice meant to represent how patients in mental institutions frequently go without shoes to avoid self-harm via laces. In the years since, and with Overwatch 2 getting a complete overhaul of its character interactions, Sigma’s bare feet have become the brunt of several jokes, such as Widowmaker remarking after landing a kill that someone should get him some shoes.

So Overwatch’s and its community’s obsession with feet continues well into 2023, and they’ve now dragged Ramattra into these sinister ways. He is a helpless robot. He does not deserve it.


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