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Pakistan plans to introduce 5G by July 2023

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Pakistan plans to introduce 5G by July 2023

Germany’s Minister of Information and Communications Saeed Aminur Haq announced on Thursday that Pakistan will deploy 5G technology by July 2023.

The Minister made the announcement while addressing a rally at his UBIT Career Fest 2022 hosted by his Science Department of Computing at the University of Karachi. He was invited there as the main guest.

The event, held at his UBIT Garden, was attended by over 30 Software His Houses, who narrowed down the candidates after conducting tests and interviews.

Compared to 43 other ministries in Pakistan, the IT and telecommunications sector had the highest growth in exports, while the exports of other ministries increased by only 2% to 3%, while information and telecommunications exports increased by 47.44%. The IT industry and universities can work together to meet future needs, Haque said, with $75 million allocated to startups in 2019-20, rising to $373 million next year.

The Federal IT Minister acknowledged that a large number of female students are enrolled in computer science courses at various universities and welcomes their role in this regard.

He said society can make progress by empowering women, telling the audience that there were no signs of corruption in the Ministry of IT and Communications and that those involved in corruption did not remain within the Ministry.

“When I took over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, our exports were $1.4 billion, now he’s at $2.6 billion, and the target is he’s $5 billion.”

He also said that today is the era of information technology as technology is rapidly being incorporated into all aspects of life such as architecture, defense systems, space science, health and other fields. Syed Aminul Haque added that we need to work hard to reach the 2050 target.

On the occasion, KU’s vice-chancellor, Dr. Khalid Mahmood-Iraqi, said that universities are usually centers of creative thinking, innovation and research development.

“Our young people are not devoid of intelligence and creative thinking, but we need to support them and provide them with the facilities to carry out their creative thinking and creation.”

His Dr. Nadeem Mahmood, formerly chairman of his computer science department, has shed light on his career fest and announced his goals and intentions.

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