‘Palm’ Smartphone Is Coming Back On Verizon

Of all the rest, children in the 90 's would undoubtedly remember the smartphone "Palm". The smartphone included WebOS, and there was also a physical keyboard. Finally, the hardware was purchased by HP and then purchased by TCL for 2020. WebOS, as we know now, is in LG's kitten. Nevertheless, the Palm smartphone is returning from death and the last evidence proves that.

The new Palm brand smartphone the Android police first witnessed appeared on FCC certification and the WiFi Alliance website. Handset is displayed with Palm PVG100 moniker and device is submitted by Palm Ventures Group (owned by TCL).

We do not know about smart phones, except that we are ready to use Android 8.1 Oreo and support 2.4 GHz LTE and quad band connections. gang. On 5 GHz networks, it is supported on most smartphones unless it is a budget offer. This certification is part of the extension of the Android police report from March this year. According to the website, Palm brand smartphones planned to go through Verizon in the second half for 2020, he said.

TCL is not only a Palm smartphone but also a brand of a company that manufactures Alcatel mobile phones and BlackBerry in recent years. for 2020 when Palm joined the TCL, Alcatel was supposed to revive the brand with a new smartphone. However, since that I have not seen the Palm device. At that time, according to the web site of Web OS Nation, the Pam brand was owned by Nicolas Zibell, also President of America and Pacific of Alcatel One Touch.

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