Patreon lays off 13% of its staff amid coronvirus pandemic


As the coronavirus pandemic rages around the world, Patreon has decided to fire 13 percent of its workforce. The company has laid off 30 employees due to the economic uncertainties caused by the deadly virus.

“It is unclear how long this economic uncertainty will last and that is why, to prepare for this, we made the difficult decision to leave 13% of Patreon’s workforce,” TechCrunch spokesperson Patreon quoted. “This decision was not taken lightly and consisted of a number of factors other than the financial,” the spokesman added.

Last month, the US-based company wrote in a blog post, “Not only are customers not leaving the platform, we’ve even seen many of them upgrade their level to support their favorite creators in this challenging time.” Also, in March alone, the platform brought 50,000 new makers on board, whose average income was 60 percent higher than in previous months.

The spokesperson said, “Although the company has a strong cash position, we want to ensure that we can continue to support the makers for many years to come.” (ANI)

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