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PBS and Pratt to Unleash Futuristic APU Technologies: the Future!

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PBS and Pratt to Unleash Futuristic APU Technologies: the Future!

Czech aerospace company PBS and Pratt & Whitney have recently announced their collaboration through a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to explore advanced Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) for future fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. This joint initiative aims to define a concept for a “next-generation APU” that can adapt to hybrid-electric power systems, going beyond traditional platforms. The results of this effort are expected to be released in five years.

The CEO of PBS, Milan Macholan, expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership, stating that it marks the first step in a collaborative journey between two visionary companies dedicated to shaping the future of APU technology. He added that they intend to pioneer an innovative auxiliary power unit for the next generation, redefining power density standards and driving the capabilities of sixth-generation aircraft systems.

The collaboration between PBS and Pratt & Whitney is not limited to the aerospace industry alone; they believe that the resulting design may also find applications in other sectors. Emmy Guzman, APU Director and General Manager at Pratt & Whitney, mentioned that her company has already experienced success with similar partnerships. She further emphasized that this MoU provides a solid foundation for their teams to develop a product that can be widely leveraged for aircraft auxiliary power and adjacent applications.

According to FlightGlobal, where this news was reported Flightglobal, both companies are renowned in the aerospace industry for their expertise and technological advancements. By joining forces, they aim to push boundaries even further by developing futuristic APU technologies.

APUs play a crucial role in powering various systems on an aircraft while it is on the ground or during flight operations. They provide electrical power for functions such as starting engines, operating avionics systems, and providing air conditioning when the main engines are not running. As aviation continues its shift towards more sustainable practices, there is increasing interest in developing APUs that can integrate with hybrid-electric or fully electric propulsion systems.

This collaboration between PBS and Pratt & Whitney signifies a significant step towards achieving this goal. By exploring advanced APUs, they hope to contribute to the development of more efficient and environmentally friendly aircraft systems.

The settlement, PBS and Pratt & Whitney’s MoU to explore advanced APUs for future fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters is an exciting development in the aerospace industry. Their collaborative efforts aim to redefine power density standards and drive the capabilities of sixth-generation aircraft systems. The results of this partnership are eagerly awaited by aviation enthusiasts and professionals alike.

It is confirmed that, this collaboration between PBS and Pratt & Whitney has the potential to revolutionize APU technology. To learn more about this partnership, you can read the full article (here)(


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