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PhonePe Launches Indus Appstore: The Game-Changer in India’s Battle for App Supremacy

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PhonePe Launches Indus Appstore: The Game-Changer in India’s Battle for App Supremacy

PhonePe, a digital payments company based in Bengaluru, India, has recently launched its own app store platform called Indus Appstore. The platform aims to attract Android developers in India by offering free app registration and uploading for the first year, with no platform fee or commission for in-app purchases. This move positions PhonePe as a potential competitor to Google Play Store.

What sets Indus Appstore apart from other app stores is its focus on localization and catering to the Indian market. It supports third-party payment providers, 12 Indian languages, and a phone number-based login system. These features make it more appealing to both developers and users who prefer a more localized experience.

For developers, Indus Appstore offers a dedicated release management feature that allows them to deploy app updates to specific user groups. Additionally, AI-powered tools are available for monitoring crucial aspects of the app during its release. This level of control and customization can be highly beneficial for developers looking to improve their apps’ performance.

The launch of Indus Appstore comes at a time when Google’s policies have faced criticism from Indian businesses and startups. One major point of contention is Google’s 15-30% cut on in-app purchases. Despite this criticism, Google Play Store continues to dominate the Indian smartphone market due to its widespread usage.

PhonePe’s entry into the app store market aims to provide developers with an alternative that offers better app discovery and consumer engagement. Akash Dongre, co-founder and chief product officer of Indus Appstore, stated that their goal is to create a credible alternative that caters specifically to the needs of Indian developers.

To distribute the app store, PhonePe has partnered with several phone manufacturers. They have also established an India-based support team to address local developer concerns regarding Google’s delayed responses and US time zone operating hours.

This strategic move by PhonePe reflects its commitment towards empowering the Indian developer community and creating a fairer and more competitive digital ecosystem. With over 450 million registered users on its payments app and recent funding of $850 million, PhonePe is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the app store market.

The gist, PhonePe’s launch of Indus Appstore presents an exciting opportunity for Android developers in India. The platform offers a localized experience, better app discovery, and consumer engagement. It also addresses concerns raised by Indian businesses regarding Google’s policies. As the app store gains traction, it has the potential to challenge Google Play Store’s dominance in the Indian market.

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