Apple Car self-driving system could tell iPhones in the car what it is about to do

Apple Car’s autonomous driving system can pre-warn drivers and passengers of the maneuvers it will perform, by displaying notifications on the screens of the vehicle’s iPhones and iPads.

The development of autonomous drive systems such as those of the “Apple Car” project can make life on the road easier for everyone in a vehicle, including the driver. Depending on the progress of the autonomous control, the designated driver of a vehicle may not be strongly encouraged to actively take to the road to ensure that everything is going well.

Some drivers also pay minimal attention to the road, even in situations where autonomous driving is not used. Reports of people using texting and smartphones while driving, and increasing criticism, prompted Apple to introduce Do Not Disturb While Driving, although the functionality could not do much.

In an autonomous car, drivers may want to spend even more time with their mobile devices instead of looking at the road or dashboards. Since an autonomous vehicle can surrender control to a driver at any time, this is not a safe situation to create.

An example of a report where the car informs the driver when the light changes.

A patent issued to Apple on Tuesday by the United States Patent and Trademark Office entitled “Devices, Method, and Graphical User Interface for the Presentation of Vehicle Reports” aims to address the issue by providing warnings and cautions regarding an exhibited vehicle. of a used device. by the alleged driver.

By putting alerts on an iPhone or iPad screen, Apple hopes to give drivers the opportunity to take control if something goes wrong, or at least know what the car is going to do. Apple believes it can be difficult to use a driver that uses a portable device to grab the device’s attention, so a display on the device itself that cannot be avoided would be appropriate.

If the car has to stop, pass at the traffic lights or give up control for safety or other reasons, a warning will be sent that can be displayed in various ways. A general status indicator can provide basic update updates, while more general notifications in part of a screen or animations in the center of the screen will attract drivers’ attention.

A car can encourage a driver using an iPad to pay more attention to the road.

These indicators can also alert the driver to interact with the vehicle if a predetermined time has elapsed since the last interaction, with notifications accompanied by haptic feedback or an audio signal. The screen itself may be dimmed, video or audio content has been suspended, or even the rest of the screen may become unresponsive in certain situations.

On the other hand, if the system determines that the driver’s attention is no longer needed, he can remove the notifications and reactivate the unresponsive screen areas and replay the media.

The number of notifications and what a driver can do with their mobile devices may change depending on the level of attention required, which in turn can be determined by the level of semi-autonomous or autonomous control. It is suggested that the levels are determined by the Society of Automotive Engineers, the semi-autonomous corresponds to levels 1 to 4, while the autonomous control is level 5.

Notifications may not be central to the screen, as they may be smaller or occupy only part of the screen.

Notifications may not be central to the screen, as they may be smaller or occupy only part of the screen.

The patent lists inventors such as Andre Boule, Stephen Chick, Thomas R. Powell and Emily Schubert.

Powell is an automotive services engineer who is also named in the “Instrument cluster metadata to support second screen” patent, which could lead to CarPlay displaying more information in regular dashboard assignments for a car. Schubert was named after a patent for a smart bike, and one that allows the car to be controlled from an iPhone next to Stephen Chick. Boule has numerous patents related to interfaces to his name, including some related to graphical user interfaces that span multiple devices.

Apple files numerous patent applications every week, but while the existence of a patent application indicates that there are interests for Apple’s research and development teams, there is no guarantee that it will appear in any future product or service.

Apple Car

Rumor has it that the Apple Car, believed to be part of the “Project Titan”, is an Apple-designed vehicle that includes many innovative car design elements, as well as an autonomous vehicle system. Apple has invested heavily in autonomous driving technology, notably through the purchase of the autonomous driving startup in 2019, in addition to other strategic acquisitions and rentals.

It also has its own test fleet, and at one point there were 72 cars and 144 drivers on California’s roads.

Obviously, he has obtained numerous patents and filed applications in the field, including one from 2016 that describes a path finding method to ‘avoid collisions of arbitrary polygonal obstacles’. He also developed a ‘trust system’ to make driving decisions based on sufficient data without using too much resources, a system that adapts his behavior to the stress levels of the vehicle occupants and communication between the cars. for a better understanding of the situation.

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