Apple shares the resources of the Racial Equity and Justice Initiative for parents, teachers

Apple shared a new guide for parents and teachers on Tuesday to help students tackle complex race-related issues.

In June, Tim Cook announced a new $ 100 million attempt to support racial justice and justice in the United States and the world.

On July 28, Lisa Jackson, Apple’s VP of the Environment, Police, and Social Initiatives tweeted a link to resources created by Apple to help teachers and parents guide young people through difficult conversations.

Young people are at the forefront of the fight for racial justice. Dialogue has never been more important and we want to help parents and educators with tools and resources to guide these important conversations.#ChallengeForChange Download it here:

– Lisa P. Jackson (@lisapjackson) July 28, 2020

Alongside the link is a four-minute video in which Jackson explains how education can be used to encourage students to push for systemic change.

“At Apple, education is at the core of who we are. And from our earliest days, we’ve seen how the right technology can spark students’ creativity and curiosity and help bring new types of learning into the classroom, ”explains Jackson. “We also believe that education is the big equalizer. It is a powerful force for equality and opportunity, enabling the next generation to discover the world around them – not to internalize an imperfect status quo, but to innovate and create change. ”

The guide provides tips for building a common vocabulary that helps students navigate complicated conversations about race, sexual orientation, and gender. It also provides resources that help explain race and racism to teachers and parents.

The guide also provides a series of steps that teachers and parents can use to guide students through difficult questions, as well as ways in which they can propose solutions to find solutions to existing problems.

Cook said the effort will build on the company’s existing work with historically black colleges and universities, community colleges, STEM education and underprivileged students and faculty. It will also be expanded to establish “new partnerships” with organizations such as the Equal Justice Initiative.

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