Every new feature and change in iOS 14 beta 2

Apple’s second beta of iOS 14, released for developers on Tuesday, is packed with minor user interface refinements and other notable features. This video covers them all.

Here’s everything we found new in iOS 14 beta 2. Check out our hands-on video for a better look.

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New features and changes

New Calendar Icon: The calendar app icon has now abbreviated the day of the week instead of being written out.
New clock and calendar icons in iOS 14 beta 2
Clock Icon: The clock app icon has been updated the same way with thicker hands.

New recent Files app widget in iOS 14 beta 2
New File Widget: Users can now add a file widget to the Today view in small, medium, or large sizes.
Reminder widget: The small Reminder widget now shows a task along with the count.
The color of the widget button matches the app color in iOS 14 Beta 2
Add widget button matches the color of the widget you are adding (Thanks to iHactuPro!
Clipboard Notification: Clipboard notifications now show from which iCloud device you pasted.
Switch podcasts: The Library and Browse tabs have switched places in Podcasts.
Changed text for removing the home screen: Apps added to the app library, but not to the home screen, can now be removed directly from the app library. The text has been updated to reflect that.
Default audio apps on HomePod: Users can now select a third-party service as the default audio service for music, podcasts or audiobooks on HomePod.
Tracking Report: Apple changed the name of Track Report to “Privacy Report”. Trackers now work in the position.
Location Services Banner: Apple has disabled the Location Services banner that says “Location Services is disabled.”
Buttons in the Music app now have haptic feedback

Message listings are now blue in iOS 14 beta 2
Entries in the Messages app are now shown in blue
iPadOS Home app: Automations now appear in the sidebar in the Home app on the iPad.
Hidden feature reveals that Apple Pay will soon support QR codes with Code Payments.


Family Sharing: Apple has introduced a new Family Sharing icon in the Settings app.
Navigation Changes: Navigation has been slightly modified in Settings. For example, the Notifications panel now shows “Back” instead of the name of the previous page.
Sounds and Haptics: Headphone audio has risen above ringtone and alerts.
New user interface in iOS 14 Beta 2 reminder settings
Reminders: The Reminders panel in the settings has a new time view under All Day Reminders
Notifications: The assignment notification switch is assigned reminders, with a new switch for dismissing notifications
Maps settings: the “problem reporting” switch is gone in the
Apple Music: The “Show Apple Music” switch has been removed in the music window.
Apple Music Animations: The Apple Music app now has a switch to limit animated album art to WiFi only.
Apple Music and Privacy: There is a new Apple Music and Privacy button in the Music Settings menu.
Podcast: Notification settings have been removed from the Podcasts panel.
Phone: There are new icons for incoming and announcing calls in the Phone menu.

Not exhaustive

While we’ve done our best to track down all the changes we’ve found in this beta, it’s by no means an exhaustive list of everything Apple changed this time around.

Let me know if you see any other changes Twitter @Andrew_OSU.

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