Mac Pro woes, ‘iPhone 12’ delays and Apple’s passport ambitions on the AppleInsider podcast

We are still collecting details of macOS Big Sur and iOS 14 since WWDC, but there is also the on / off “iPhone 12” delay, the particular difficulty of replacing the SSD of a Mac Pro and the way your iPhone uses your ID can replace everything on this week’s AppleInsider Podcast.

Meet the man who has everything – if only for a few days at a time. Andrew O’Hara is the primary AppleInsider video producer, so there is no Apple gear that he has not filmed, used and tested.

William Gallagher asks him the truth about certain Apple products, but also finds out how to do your job if you can choose from five MacBook Pro models at any time.

There is always something new coming from Apple, perhaps including macOS Big Sur on an iPhone. So Andrew and William have a lot to discuss about future hardware – but also about possible future software. In what should be ranked as the shortest, most amicable and completely resolved disagreement in AppleInsider’s history, William and Andrew face the issue of iPhones replacing passports.

Speaking of iPhones, we’ll discuss what’s really going on with recent stories of Apple halving orders for the “iPhone 12,” and examining how even spending a lot of money on a Mac Pro isn’t a guarantee of luck.

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