PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo are the top three video game systems of all time

PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo are the top three video game systems of all time

It’s time to take a breather now that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have taken the gaming world by storm. Alternatively, take a trip down memory lane. Whichever one is more appropriate.

Young adults may say things like ‘Those were the days,’ but famous video game consoles can have that influence on them.

Atari was connected with gaming for a long time. The Atari 2600 console is the oldest on this list for a reason. The Atari 2600, which was released in 1977, grabbed the hearts and minds of millions and was used for almost a decade.

The Commodore 64 is in the Guinness Book of World Records. Yeah. It was an iconic piece of equipment. The unit was manufactured between August 1982 and April 1994 and sold between 22 and 30 million units. Commodore had the official estimate at 17 million units, making the C64 one of the most popular desktop computers of all time.

Clive Sinclair’s revolutionary 1982 computer sparked a generation of coders into life. Kids brought up on Monty Python and Pink Floyd instantly fell in love with the Spectrum, leading to a gaming revolution in the United Kingdom.

The Sega Saturn had to compete with the PlayStation 2 when it hit Japanese shelves, but Sega’s 32-bit console enjoyed a distinct advantage; it dropped a week before Sony’s PS. It had a bunch of 2D shooters and fighting games, but its rivalry with Sony was a bit much for Sega to handle.

Another one of Commodore’s offerings, the Amiga 500 was first launched in 1987. Branded as a home computer, it quickly became a popular gaming system. So much so, that the console is set to get a mini retro remake this year. Retro Games Ltd. are reportedly looking to develop an A500 Mini, having previously dedicated resources to a mini Commodore 64.

The Game Boy Advance turned 20 earlier this year, and boy does it have a stellar legacy. The GBA Advance was the first time that shoulder buttons were introduced on a handheld console and it had an extensive library of titles. Truly iconic.

An eight-bit handheld console that was more grey than colourful, the original Game Boy led to a boom in the handheld console industry, making it arguably the most important piece of gaming hardware in history. A bit loud and rude as a console, the Sega Genesis made Nintendo look like it was living in the Dark Ages. Remembered fondly by its Sonic the Hedgehog offering, the Sega Genesis went on to sell 35 million units, portraying the gaming industry as a lifestyle.

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