Police prepare for mental health crisis

Police prepare for mental health crisis

“Police department, come outside!” the cadets start with simple commands from outside the home, “police department come outside!” The officers find an open door and step inside to find a man in need of help. Online mental health screener getting help to those who need it, confidentially

None graduate to work the streets without learning compassion. A lot of the training there is like boot camp. Every sworn officer in the state measures fitness and force.

We watched one scenario that had teams of officer cadets responding to a “welfare check.” That is, a man missed work and his employer was concerned so he asked police to check it out. It starts at the Criminal Justice Academy in Columbia.

The students will have to react to the firearm, protect themselves, and engage in something they talk about a lot on the CJA campus: “de-escalation.” “We’re going to try every technique that we can to make the person feel comfortable, to eventually put the gun down and get them some real help,” Henderson said. “You don’t need to be here and close the door and I’ll take care of business,” he continues.

“Guys, just go, just go, just go guys,” he says. When the house is quiet, they step inside and find Police Science instructor Ren Henderson with what looks like a gun to his own head.

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  • Police prepare for mental health crisis
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