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Port Efficiency: APM Terminals Harnesses Technology to Boost Capacity and Streamline Operations

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Port Efficiency: APM Terminals Harnesses Technology to Boost Capacity and Streamline Operations

According to APM Terminals Nigeria, the implementation of technology can significantly enhance the capacity and efficiency of seaports across Nigeria. As the operator of APM Terminals Apapa, West Africa Container Terminal (WACT) Onne, and APM Terminals Kano, APM Terminals Nigeria plays a crucial role in the country’s supply chain.

During the recent Nigeria Ports and Trade Investment Forum 2023 held in Lagos, CEO Frederik Klinke emphasized that technology could foster collaboration between government agencies and the private sector. This collaboration is essential for finding common solutions to the challenges faced by the supply chain in Nigeria. By implementing software solutions, APM Terminals has enabled customers to interact with their staff online, reducing physical interactions at ports.

Klinke further stated that APM Terminals aims to establish connectivity between its systems, customs, other government agencies, and customers. This connectivity would provide visibility into containers before they enter the country. Such customer-centric solutions are being implemented globally by APM Terminals to ensure seamless operations not only in Nigeria but also across other ports worldwide.

Courage Obadagbonyi, Chief Financial Officer of APM Terminals Nigeria, highlighted the importance of synergy between government agencies operating at ports. He stressed that effective service delivery and strengthening of the supply chain depend on this synergy and collaboration.

Ismaila Badjie, Commercial Manager of APM Terminals WACT, acknowledged Nigeria as an African superpower with immense growth opportunities. He attributed APM Terminal’s success as a leading container terminal operator to its focus on meeting customer needs. At West Africa Container Terminal Onne, they have invested in infrastructure development such as a new terminal. Additionally, they offer convenient online services like Truck Appointment System and TERMView for various customer transactions without visiting port premises.

APM Terminals’ approach revolves around facilitating processes for clients while prioritizing customer satisfaction. The company believes that collaboration among stakeholders is crucial in making a difference for customers.

The implementation of technology and the adoption of customer-centric solutions by APM Terminals Nigeria are expected to revolutionize port operations, increase efficiency, and enhance the Definitely capacity of seaports in Nigeria. By leveraging technology, streamlining processes, and fostering collaboration between government agencies and the private sector, APM Terminals aims to overcome challenges faced by the supply chain industry.

Source: India Shipping News

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