Portable Laptop NexPad Screen Extender, Available Now for $249

Nex Computer LLC considers NexPad a user-friendly solution. How the NexPad is designed in the first case looks a little strange. As a model for your laptop, the NexPad is specifically designed to support its displays on the current screen.

Initially announced in July, the NexPad portable touch monitor and laptop screen extender are now on sale at NexDock.com for $249.

According to Nex Computer, this is a better alternative than a side-by-side implementation. Using the second screen at a great height can reduce neck strain and improve posture. While it is undoubtedly true that extra screen space benefits productivity, Nex Computer did not include more data or testimonials to back up its claims of improved neck and posture.

A kickstand and magnetic design allow the NexPad to stand on the top edge of your laptop. The products mentioned in the specification are not compatible, so it is also worth working with any large or small computer. The NexPad, which weighs 12 pounds, is a tiny monitor, but its mounting system and purported benefits sound helpful and it also adds touchscreens without much information.

NexPad tech specs – NexPad.


A 12-inch screen with IPS technology, fully layered, 19201080 FHD resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio.


2-4 USB-C 3.1 ports with a pass while charging. 1-C port for 2.0 Euro and 6-C port for 1.0. Power

One cannot battery with a computer or a smart device, and a bank or a computer has no batteries. Physical

277 x 250 x 6 mm, 736g (without kickstand) Special features.

Magnetic attachment, kickstand with built-in USB-C cable slot, mobile magnetic attachment disk. In terms of size, 736g seems rather heavy for a 12-inch dumb tablet with no built-in battery. One can blame such a hefty bump on the laptop monitor for the poorly balanced tone. Nex Computer does not provide the following specs for brightness, contrast, color gamut, etc.

The NexPad is equipped with a smartphone. It is almost as interesting as working with a laptop. The pictures show that your phone is supposed to be attached to the magnetic “chin” that sits under the screen. If your phone is not magnetic or barely magnetic, Nex Computer has thoughtfully included a metal disc in the package so that you can stick it to the front of your phone or place it in the case. The metal disc strongly connects the phone and the NexPad “chin.”

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