Program to help companies in the area improve their company

Program to help companies in the area improve their company

The program is intended to save the people who enroll in it money in the future.   Learn how to build an online presence.Build a strategy to grow your business.Learn to analyze data and make appropriate decisions for your company based on facts.Accelerators, described as learning to hone in on strategies that are working for a company. “We really tried to find a solution that was super cost-effective that could have that support in the community and still feel like they’re investing in their business growth,” Steele said. “But without kind of those retainer fees that come with having an employer or agency.”

“We can come in and support, and coach them and walk right through what they need to know,” Steele said.  The “Local News School” program will take place over the course of 12 months, showing owners different ways to become more visible and sustainable as a company. 

The program is broken down into four phases:  Now,  Emily Steele owner of Love Local, a company geared towards helping local businesses grow, has created a program to teach methods to grab customers’ attention and keep them returning. 

Susanne Landgrebe, owner of 360 MedSpas and a client of Steeles, had to close her facility for two months during the pandemic. However, because of Steele’s advice on building a bigger online presence, Landgrebe says was able to struggle less and her business fared well. RELATED: Bars struggling to get by amid pandemic

RELATED: Iowa program aims to help small businesses The phases were developed from methods Steele used on past clients that worked.  

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  • Program to help companies in the area improve their company
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