Project Black Flag by Kobold Press Provides an Alternative to 5E Inspiration

Project Black Flag by Kobold Press Provides an Alternative to 5E Inspiration

The Inspiration mechanism from Dungeons & Dragons has an analogue from Kobold Press. A new Luck system that enables players to influence the outcomes of various checks in the game is introduced by Kobold Press in the most recent playtest packet for “Project Black Flag,” the playtest for a Core Fantasy Roleplaying ruleset intended to supplement and replace elements of Dungeons & Dragons 5E ruleset. Every time an attack roll or save is unsuccessful or when a player survives a particularly challenging encounter, they get luck points. Players can then spend those Luck points to add to the results of any d20 roll to potentially turn a failure into a save.

The method is meant to take the place of Inspiration, a 5E feature that permits players to roll a d20 again when they might have failed a check. The element is sometimes overlooked within the context of the game because 5E requires a Dungeon Master to provide Inspiration to players. While none have shown up in numerous playtests, the One D&D playtest offers alternatives to giving out Inspiration.

The updated playtest also includes new class features for the Wizard and Fighter classes, including Magic Sense for Wizards and Last Stand for Fighters, which allows players to instantly expend Hit Dice in the event that a Fighter takes damage that would cause them to lose more than half of their Hit Points.

Project Black Flag was first revealed last month as a potential alternative rulebook to Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, when Wizards of the Coast announced plans to de-authorize the Open Gaming License, which offered a legal foundation for generating third-party D&D material. Despite the fact that Wizards of the Coast ultimately abandoned these intentions and made the 5E SRD (which includes the core rules for 5E) available under a Creative Commons license, several publishers are currently pursuing 5E substitute systems that they can directly manage and promote.

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