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Providence Unveils Praia Health: Healthcare with its Fourth Incubated Technology!

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Providence Unveils Praia Health: Healthcare with its Fourth Incubated Technology!

It is noted that, Providence has recently announced that Praia Health, a new platform-as-a-service (PaaS) technology developed by Providence Digital Innovation Group (DIG), will be the next incubated technology. Praia Health aims to personalize people’s health journeys and connect them with the appropriate services, products, and resources.

With over 25 years of experience in leading technology-driven companies, Justin Dearborn will serve as executive-in-residence in Praia. His extensive background in healthcare, enterprise, and technology businesses makes him well-suited for this role.

The healthcare industry is facing unprecedented economic and workforce pressures. To address these challenges, Providence believes that embracing new digital solutions is crucial. Praia Health embodies Providence’s commitment to improving the health of communities and enhancing the digital patient experience.

The Praia Health Identity and Engagement platform was launched in January 2022 and has already achieved significant success. It currently supports more than three million user accounts and has generated over $20 million in measurable value for the organization in 2022 alone.

One of the unique features of Praia Health is its patent-pending identity and profile technology. This technology seamlessly connects fragmented data sources and point solutions, creating better patient experiences beyond their medical history. The platform consists of four main components: identity-based personalization services, consumer experience products, ecosystem integrations, and an analytics dashboard.

Sara Vaezy, director of Providence strategy and digital, highlights the importance of technology in addressing the vulnerabilities between health systems and healthcare consumers. By enabling a digital flywheel that drives operational transformation and business model expansion, health systems can adapt to an increasingly competitive environment.

Praia Health is not the first transformative technology produced by Providence DIG. Past technologies include Xealth, Circle (acquired by Wildflower Health), and DexCare. These technologies have all contributed significantly to improving healthcare delivery.

Providence is currently working with select health systems, ecosystem partners, and system integrators for Praia Health. Those interested in learning more can visit More information about Providence’s Digital Innovation Group can be found at

The consequence, Providence’s announcement of Praia Health as its fourth incubated technology demonstrates the organization’s commitment to leveraging digital solutions to improve healthcare delivery. With its personalized approach and innovative features, Praia Health has the potential to transform the patient experience and drive operational transformation within health systems.

Source: (Providence Unveils Praia Health, Its Fourth Incubated Technology)(


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