PS Plus for May is now available. Download PS5 and PS4 games

PS Plus for May is now available. Download PS5 and PS4 games

PlayStation Plus is a service that is unparalleled in popularity among the PlayStation community. According to the last one Sony Financial Report47.6 million gamers are already paying for the subscription, which only confirms that Japanese game console users often decide to subscribe. Last year, 41.5 million users used PS Plus. It is also worth noting that Poles have the opportunity to check out the new benefit PS Plus Video Pass.

PS Plus users can now download the new products available as part of a subscription. The menu intended for players using PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 is quite interesting – the list includes Battlefield 5, among others.

Today we also reported new proposals under PS Now – In May, the service will launch with 3 different gamesWhich should satisfy the enthusiasts who need to struggle.

Battlefield V

EA’s first-person WW2 shooter, Battlefield V, comes to PS Plus this month. It features a decent single-player campaign, as well as some of the best FPS online multiplayer combat around.

Stranded Deep

Fancy yourself as a modern day Robinson Crusoe? Well, Stranded Deep is a survival adventure game that plonks you on a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean and tasks you with trying to escape. It’s up to you how you do it, but beware of the denizens of the deep and other deadly perils.


Born from the ashes of the FlatOut series, Wreckfest is a hugely fun driving game with great physics and destructable cars. The game recently got a next-gen upgrade, which you get here, with 4K 60fps gameplay and much faster loading times.

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  • PS Plus for May is now available. Download PS5 and PS4 games
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