Python is a hit with hackers, report finds

Python caught hackers and criminals in the back of C and Java who debuted in the three most popular programming languages ​​earlier this month. Imperva Web Security.

The company says more than a third of daily attacks against corporate protected sites come from malicious or legitimate Python encoding tools.

Imperva states that approximately 77% of the sites that the company is protecting are being attacked by at least one Python-based tool.

In addition, when I looked at the list of tools used for hacker attack tools, more than a quarter of the hacker's favorite tool Python was coded.

Among the hacking tools detected by Imperva detection, Python's superiority

Picture: Imperva

The Imperva team said, "Hackers such as developers appreciate the benefits of Python and make it a popular hacking tool.

These benefits include easy-to-use syntax, over 50 online tutorials, rich libraries available in places such as PyPI and GitHub, and other y tools.

In fact, most Python tools used by attackers are often created by legitimate applications and security researchers themselves to test their systems against a variety of vulnerabilities.

Once these test tools are installed in GitHub, however, they will enter the public domain and deploy other things than the test tools created by hackers from the re.

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Based on Imperva's data, the most abused legitimate Python tool is the "shrink" library and the "urllib" library, which are two of the foundations of almost any Python Web application.

The Imperva team is trying to exploit vulnerabilities such as CVE – 2017 – 9841 (PHPUnit), CVE – 2015 – 8562 (Joomla), or CVE – 1000207 (CMS CMS ModX).

The morals of this report may be scripts that go into the server using a Python tool downloaded from GitHub if the web application, web server, or web site is published online. In acquiredness, Python is as versatile as Java, but it is much easier to learn, neither good nor bad.

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