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Q4 Inc. Appoints COO to Drive Business Growth in the UK

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Q4 Inc. Announces Appointment of Chief Operating Officer with Focus on Revenue Growth and Operational Efficiency

Q4 Inc., a leading provider of capital market communication platforms, has announced the appointment of Keith Reed as Chief Operating Officer (COO), effective April 17, 2023. Donna de Winter will continue to serve as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) while transitioning her responsibilities as COO to Reed.

According to Darrell Heaps, founder and CEO of Q4 Inc., Reed’s experience in revenue generation and operational efficiency will be invaluable in executing the company’s strategy through customer success, sales, product development, and global business units. He adds that efficient and profitable growth is crucial to their success and looks forward to working with Reed for years to come.

Reed, who has more than 25 years of leadership experience in technology operations, is excited about contributing his expertise to Q4’s continued growth and success. He recognizes the unique platform offering of Q4 Inc. and hopes to unlock more value for customers while providing exceptional customer service.

Prior to joining Q4, Reed served as the Director of Customer Care at VersaPay, a collaborative provider of accounts receivable and B2B payment solutions. He also held leadership positions at Keap, a CRM platform company, and Intuit, the global financial technology platform behind well-known brands such as QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Mailchimp, where he spent 15 years of his career.

Q4 Inc. is a trusted partner of over 2650 public companies worldwide, providing holistic capital markets communication solutions such as investor relations website products, virtual event solutions, participation analytics, investor relations CRM, shareholder and market analytics, surveillance, and ESG tools.

The company’s platform aims to facilitate capital market interactions by digitally connecting, analyzing impact, and targeting appropriate engagement to help public companies work faster and smarter. Q4 Inc. maintains an award-winning culture where team members can grow and thrive in their careers.

With headquarters in Toronto and offices in New York and London, Q4 Inc. is committed to transforming the way quoted companies, investors, and investment banks make decisions to connect, communicate, and interact efficiently.

As per information from the source Q4 Inc. reminds readers that this press release contains forward-looking information subject to securities legislation. The company is not obligated to update the said information prospectively, except as required by law. Additional information on assumptions and risks and uncertainties can be found in documents filed by the company with regulators, including its most recent annual Information Form and Management’s Discussion and Analysis, which are available on the company’s website.

In conclusion, the appointment of Keith Reed as COO signifies Q4 Inc.’s focus on driving revenue growth and operational efficiency. Reed’s expertise and experience are expected to be valuable to Q4 as it continues to provide innovative and comprehensive capital market communication solutions to its clients worldwide.

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