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“Ready, Set, Innovate: Join the Countdown to OpenText World EMEA”

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“Ready, Set, Innovate: Join the Countdown to OpenText World EMEA”

OpenText World EMEA 2023: A Look into the Future of Information Management

OpenText, The Information Company, is offering an opportunity to reimagine how information is managed through technology, without the constraints of location, infrastructure, time or space, at the OpenText World EMEA 2023 event to be held from April 24 to 27, 2023. Attendees of the event will have access to inspiring face-to-face and on-demand keynote sessions, client and partner meetings, panel discussions from industry clients and networking events, among others.

The event promises to explore and showcase the latest OpenText innovations in the information management space. The keynote address by CEO and CTO Mark Barrenechea is one of the highlights of the event. Mark will discuss the future of information management and showcase new OpenText innovations. He will also talk about managing through the Internet of clouds and how large language models (AI/ML) are shaping the way we help clients solve complex problems.

Since the Micro Focus acquisition 90 days ago, this is the first time that OpenText will showcase its expanded mission and new innovations underway. From global connected supply chains to seven-star service experience management, OpenText is building the most secure and elastic information cloud for evolving types of content. This will increase productivity for IT, operations, developers, climate innovators and more.

The keynote address by Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer Muhi Majzoub on the company innovation titanium project roadmap and future of AI-powered, security-enabled, cloud-ready information management is another highlight of the event. Muhi will discuss the company’s product roadmap and each of their business units will have online demo sessions to learn more.

The event will also feature special invited keynotes, including conservationist and National Geographic fellow Steve Boyes, who will talk about the impact of technology on climate innovation, and change management expert Waltraud Gläser (Munich), as well as Jaguar Land Rover (London).

The OpenText Cloud Editions (CE) 23.2 with more than 100 innovations released in the last 12 months to help customers accelerate their cloud-based digital transformation, including the ability to make smarter, faster decisions with the help of insights based on artificial intelligence, will be one of the highlights of the event.

OpenText World EMEA 2023 will help attendees understand how to increase and strengthen connections with customers, partners, and employees across the organization to prepare for Business 2030. It will also provide insights on how to implement prompt and responsible business practices in support of increasing regulations for environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) compliance, sustainability, and responsible sourcing. Attendees will also learn how to protect customers and partners with a holistic security portfolio.

The event will be held in Munich, Paris, London and virtual spaces. The COVID-19 pandemic has made virtual attendance a normal aspect of events, making this event accessible to more people than ever before.

OpenText is a leading provider of information management solutions, powered by OpenText Cloud Editions. The company’s mission is to enable organizations to gain information efficiently, and they have been supporting their customers since the 1990s.

In conclusion, the OpenText World EMEA 2023 event promises to be an exciting opportunity to learn about the latest developments in information management. Attendees will have the chance to interact with industry leaders and experts, learn about the emerging trends that are transforming the industry, and get to see first-hand how OpenText is helping businesses of all sizes to manage their information more efficiently. As per information from the source, the event is expected to be engaging and informative for attendees of all levels and backgrounds.


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