Realme will be the launch of Smart Tvs in Q2, 2020 And Realme, Fitness Band, it has been plagued

“Realme of plans to launch multiple smart Tv’s in India during Q2, by the year 2020. The characteristics of the Realme, Fitness Band, have been revealed ahead of its launch.”

Realme is gearing up for the launch of its first 5G smartphone in India, dubbed the Realme X50 Pro 5G. Just prior to the launch, Madhav Sheth, CEO, the Realme was in an interview with a YouTuber, in which Sheth has revealed the company’s plans for the future. In particular, the company is working to launch multiple smart Tv’s in India. When he was asked about the period prior to the launch, Sheth confirmed that the Realme of Tv programmes will make their debut in India sometime in Q2), by the year 2020. In addition, he also talked about the upcoming Realme, Fitness Band, and its functions.

Realme, to launch multiple smart Tv’s in India, launch set for Q2 for 2020

Although, Madhav Sheth does not reveal anything about the specifications and features of the Realme, Tv’s, and he made emphasis on the fact that, in the Realme of Tv programs that can be managed via the Realme of the Link in the app, which the company announced a short while ago. The app will act as a universal control hub for the Realme of IoT devices to the extent that the Realme of Tv’s, and of the Realme, Fitness Band, and the ones that we are familiar with, but have a Realme Watch is also tipped to be in the works.

The rule of the Realme, Fitness Band, Madhav Sheth was spotted fashioning the black color, this version of the band, he has been plagued with the yellow band version of the band in the past). He revealed that in the Realme of Fitness Band and will sport a coloured OLED display and is equipped with a heart rate monitor. In addition, the fitness tracker, it comes with a plug-and-charge design, which means that the user simply needs to remove one-half of the tape and insert the tape into a USB port for charging the same. He also confirmed that the Realme of Fitness Band and will come in three colors, so far we have confirmation on a Black-and-Yellow, the third colour variant will remain a mystery for now. We can expect the Realme, to reveal more intel on smart Tv’s and for the first time, a Fitness Band for the launch of the Realme X50 Pro 5G, which is set for February 24, 2020.