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Record-breaking Auction: First-generation iPhone Fetches Mind-blowing Price!

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According to a recent auction conducted by LCG Auctions, an unopened 2007 4GB iPhone in its original packaging has sold for a staggering $158,644 (£121,414). This sale sets a new record for the most expensive first-generation iPhone ever sold. The previous record was set earlier this year at $63,356 (£52,320).

The bidding for this rare item started at $10,000 and attracted a total of 28 bids. By the time the auction closed on June 30-July 16, the price had surpassed $100,000. The final bid of $158,644 had a buyer’s premium of $31,728 added to it, bringing the total to $190,372 (£145,503). The identity of the winning bidder remains unknown as the auction house has not released their name.

What makes this particular iPhone so valuable is its limited production run and its pristine condition. Apple discontinued the 4GB model just two months after its release and replaced it with an 8GB model that was priced $100 higher. As a result, only a handful of first-generation iPhones were ever made, and finding one still in its original packaging is extremely rare.

The listing for this auctioned iPhone described it as “virtually flawless” with clean factory seals and stitching details. Interestingly, the seller was revealed to be part of Apple’s original engineering team during the launch of the iPhone.

This sale highlights how technology can become highly valuable as collectibles over time. Last year, another unopened first-generation iPhone went up for auction and sold for $39,339 (£32,490), indicating a rapid increase in value.

When Steve Jobs unveiled the original iPhone back in 2007, he referred to it as a combination of “an iPod, a telephone, and an Internet communicator.” Despite having modest features compared to today’s smartphones – such as a small 3.5-inch screen and a 2-megapixel camera – the iPhone revolutionized the smartphone market.

If you happen to have any old technology lying around, it might be worth checking its value. Some other examples of old tech that could still be valuable include the Nokia 8110, released in 1996 and known for its distinctive “banana” shape, which can sell for up to £1,000 in good condition. The Motorola RAZR, released in 2004 and one of the most popular flip phones ever made, is now considered a collector’s item and can fetch up to £375. Additionally, a mint condition Game Boy in its original packaging can sell for over £500, while an unopened Tamagotchi from 1996 can also command a high price.

The pronouncement, the recent sale of an unopened first-generation iPhone for $158,644 (£121,414) highlights the increasing value of rare and collectible technology. As new advancements continue to reshape the industry, it’s worth considering what hidden treasures may be hiding in our cabinets or drawers. So before you discard your old devices, take a moment to see if they could potentially be sitting on a gold mine.

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