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Reviving the Beatles: How AI Brought John Lennon Back to Life for the Final Record

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Reviving the Beatles: How AI Brought John Lennon Back to Life for the Final Record

The Beatles are set to release their final record, which will feature the voice of late band member John Lennon, thanks to cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology. In an interview with Radio 4 Today, Paul McCartney revealed that he and Ringo Starr used AI to extract Lennon’s voice from an old demo track to complete a song created decades ago. The idea came from Peter Jackson’s documentary Get Back, where custom AI was used to separate the voices of the Beatles members from background noise.

While some have expressed caution about the use of AI in music creation, McCartney said that it gave them “some kind of leeway” in mixing the track as they normally would. However, he also acknowledged that this technology could be “a bit scary but exciting because it’s the future.”

The use of AI in music has been controversial in recent years, with famous rappers like Eminem and Ice Cube calling it “demonic.” But this latest application shows how AI can be used creatively and respectfully to bring new life to old recordings.

It is believed to be article on Hindustan Times, two songs from a cassette tape given by Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono were previously released in 1995 and 1996 respectively by producer Jeff Lynne. The next track, rumored to be called ‘Now and Then’, was abandoned due to excessive background noise on the cassette demo track. Now, thanks to AI technology, Lennon’s voice can To put the final touches on be heard on this long-awaited final Beatles record.

As McCartney said: “It’s really good because suddenly there’s John…and it’s amazing how clear (the voice) is.” This exciting development shows how AI can contribute positively to creative industries like music while honoring past legends like John Lennon.


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