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Revolutionary Tech Breakthrough: Apple’s Rollable iPhone Patent Unveiled!

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Revolutionary Tech Breakthrough: Apple’s Rollable iPhone Patent Unveiled!

According to a recent patent filing by Apple, the tech giant may be working on developing a rollable or scrollable iPhone. This suggests that future Apple products, including iPhones, iPads, televisions, desktop displays, and vehicle dashboards, could potentially feature this innovative technology.

The patent application is based on Apple’s exploration of expandable displays in 2014 and has been filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office. The device described in the patent includes a display that can switch between a rolled-up state for storage and an unrolled state for viewing.

When the screen is unrolled, it is expected to be flat, while in the rolled state, it will fold around an axis on a roller for easy storage. The report states that the display could have a pixel matrix for image production and a transparent protective layer, which may include locally thinned glass to aid bending. It also mentions that the outer surface of the protective coating could come into contact with potential scratch-causing objects.

While devices with rollable screens may still be some time away from being commercially available, there are rumors suggesting that Apple is also working on a foldable MacBook set to debut in 2026. In March of this year, another patent application from Apple revealed their plans for “Self-Retractable Display Device and Techniques for Protecting the Display Using Fall Detection.” This technology aims to allow iPhones and iPads with flexible displays to detect falls and automatically fold or detach in order to minimize damage upon impact.

It’s worth noting that these developments are still speculative at this stage. However, they demonstrate Apple’s ongoing commitment to pushing boundaries when it comes to technological innovation.

Source: According to (Zee News)(


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