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Revolutionizing Chess Tournaments: Cutting-Edge Tech Empowers Arbiters at 2023 Western Asia Youth Chess!

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Revolutionizing Chess Tournaments: Cutting-Edge Tech Empowers Arbiters at 2023 Western Asia Youth Chess!

Thanks to technology and the chess platform, a groundbreaking assistant system for referees has been introduced in the world of chess. This system, known as VAR (Video Assistant Referee), aims to track controversial moments in the game and help referees make accurate decisions.

VAR is not a new concept in sports. Various technologies have already been implemented in different sports to assist referees in making crucial decisions. For instance, tennis has the line call system (Hawk-Eye) that projects the ball’s position on the line during contentious moments. Volleyball also utilizes a similar system. In recent years, soccer has widely adopted VAR, which involves video surveillance from multiple angles on the field. The video assistant referee team continuously monitors specific actions, such as goals, penalties, mistaken identity, and red cards.

The VAR team intervenes only when there are clear and obvious errors or significant missed incidents. They communicate with the referee during these instances. However, it’s important to note that final decision-making still rests with the human referee. The VAR systems provide additional information but do not make decisions on behalf of the referees.

In English Premier League soccer matches during the 2019/2020 season, VAR technology was introduced, resulting in an increase of correct decisions in key game episodes up to 94%. This improvement was significant compared to the previous season when only 82% of key decisions were accurate – meaning almost one out of every five important referee judgments was incorrect.

Now let’s explore how VAR works specifically within chess using idChess technology:

1) Controversial Moments:
During a chess match, if one player believes there has been a violation by their opponent, they can call for a referee’s intervention.
For example, Player A claims that Player B touched a chess piece without moving it while Player B denies this allegation.
Since the moment was missed by the referee initially, they can only rely on presumption of innocence.

2) VAR Review and Recommendations:
If the match is being broadcast using the idChess platform, the referee has the ability to pause the game broadcast on their mobile app and review the game recording using VAR. This allows them to observe the players’ behavior closely.

3) Decision Making:
After reviewing the game recording, the referee makes a final decision based on their analysis.

The introduction of VAR technology in chess aims to enhance referees’ accuracy and simplify the decision-making process for both referees and players. By utilizing VAR, chess referees can make more correct decisions, leading to a fairer and more transparent playing environment.

According to FIDE (International Chess Federation), this technological advancement in chess refereeing has been made possible through idChess technology. The integration of VAR brings chess closer to other sports that have already embraced similar systems. It not only adds an extra layer of assistance but also upholds the importance of human judgment in making final decisions during games.

The judgment, with VAR’s introduction in chess through idChess technology, referees now have access to a valuable tool that helps them resolve controversial moments accurately. As this technology continues to evolve and be implemented across various sports, it is expected to further enhance fairness and transparency in competitive matches.

According to sources familiar with the matter


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