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Revolutionizing eVTOLs: Supernal Partners with UMBRAGROUP to Unleash Game-changing Light-weight Actuation Technology

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Revolutionizing eVTOLs: Supernal Partners with UMBRAGROUP to Unleash Game-changing Light-weight Actuation Technology

According to a recent announcement at the Paris Air Show, Supernal LLC and UMBRA GROUP have formed a partnership to develop innovative technology for flight control operations on electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles. This collaboration aims to improve performance standards for AAM manufacturers by providing advanced actuators and motor control electronics.

Traditionally, rotary actuators use gearboxes connected to power sources to operate the flight control surfaces of an aircraft. However, UMBRA GROUP’s new line of actuators eliminates the need for gearboxes, making them smaller, lighter, and more efficient. These ball screw-based assemblies are designed to last over 20 years in commercial aircraft and are ideal for the space-constrained AAM market.

Adam Slepian, Supernal’s chief commercial officer, stated that their goal is not only to drive innovation at the aircraft level but also at the system level. UMBRAGROUP’s actuation solutions will optimize their eVTOL vehicle design for maximum reliability in daily operations, ensuring safety levels equivalent to those in the commercial aviation industry.

UMBRAGROUP brings unique capabilities in developing jam-tolerant linear actuators, which can resolve faults within an actuator. This technology will be integrated with electromechanical actuators (EMA) for the first time through this partnership. The integration of these technologies will enable primary and critical flight control surfaces on eVTOL vehicles.

Matteo Notarangelo, CEO of UMBRAGROUP, expressed his excitement about being part of this project and providing advanced technologies for Supernal. He believes that being selected as an electromechanical implementation partner on such a revolutionary platform elevates UMBRAGROUP among leading players in Advanced Air Mobility.

In 2022, UMBRAGROUP’s rotary actuator technology won the Airbus Helicopter Supplier Innovation Award. This partnership aligns with Supernal’s vision of working with reputable suppliers to design safe, reliable, and redundant systems for their aircraft. The company plans to launch its commercial flights in 2028.

Supernal and UMBRAGROUP commemorated their partnership with a signing ceremony at the Paris Air Show. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in advancing technology for eVTOL vehicles and shaping the future of air mobility.

About Supernal:
Supernal is a US-based mobility service provider that aims to redefine how people move, connect, and live. As part of the Hyundai Motor Group, Supernal is developing an advanced air mobility eVTOL vehicle and working on integrating it into existing transportation options. Their goal is to make Advanced Air Mobility accessible to the masses by leveraging their automotive manufacturing heritage. For more information, visit

About Umbra Group:
UMBRAGROUP is a leading manufacturer of ball screws in the aerospace sector and provides innovative solutions for high-tech markets such as aerospace and defense. With plants in Italy, Germany, and the United States, UMBRAGROUP serves global aircraft manufacturers, airlines, embedded system manufacturers, and machine tool builders. The company’s workforce of 1,200 employees develops various aerospace components from ball screws to intelligent actuators for flight controls. For more information about UMBRAGROUP, visit

The coup de grace, Supernal’s partnership with UMBRA GROUP represents a significant milestone in advancing technology for eVTOL vehicles. By harnessing innovative actuation solutions from UMBRAGROUP, Supernal aims to optimize their eVTOL vehicle design for maximum reliability and safety levels equivalent to commercial aviation standards. This collaboration paves the way for future advancements in electric flight control operations.

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