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Revolutionizing Healthcare in Saudi Arabia: Egyptian Health Tech Takes Center Stage, Saving Lives with Recent Acquisition!

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Revolutionizing Healthcare in Saudi Arabia: Egyptian Health Tech Takes Center Stage, Saving Lives with Recent Acquisition!

Saudi Arabia’s healthcare sector has gained a new player from Egypt, Rology, which aims to address the challenges posed by delayed medical reports and improve patient outcomes. Founded in 2017, Rology recently acquired Arkan United, solidifying its position in the Saudi market.

In an interview with Arab News, Amr Abodriaa, CEO and co-founder of Rology, emphasized the significance of this acquisition in establishing a leading position in the Saudi market. He stated that it allows Rology to bring innovative teleradiology solutions to healthcare providers and patients not only in Saudi Arabia but also beyond.

Rology’s primary goal is to save as many lives as possible by addressing the shortage of radiologists and subsequent delays in diagnosis. The company offers an AI-powered teleradiology platform that specifically targets the Middle East and Africa region. This platform connects healthcare providers with a network of certified subspecialty radiologists who are available 24/7. It provides timely diagnostics and radiology reports directly within the platform, eliminating installation costs and the need for additional systems.

Furthermore, Rology’s advanced AI algorithms help flag critical cases and prioritize them, reducing diagnostic time. The company also ensures high-quality reporting through a rigorous multi-tiered quality assurance process.

To expand its presence in the Saudi market rapidly, Rology plans to leverage its technology and make strategic acquisitions. By combining their cutting-edge technology with Arkan’s expertise, they aim to revolutionize teleradiology and improve patient care significantly.

Rology’s focus on digitizing the healthcare sector aligns with Saudi Arabia’s ongoing efforts to drive improvements in wellness. The government aims to restructure the healthcare sector into an effective, integrated ecosystem focused on patient health. As part of this initiative, significant investments have been allocated to health technology in the 2023 budget.

Amr Abodriaa highlighted that Saudi Arabia is a key market for healthcare technology in the region. The country’s healthcare sector is the largest in the Near East and North Africa region and is recovering rapidly. Rology sees Saudi Arabia as a crucial market and is committed to focusing on it through strategic acquisitions.

With the Kingdom’s shift towards preventative health services, it aims to digitize 70% of patient activities by 2030. Rology will play a critical role in delivering high-quality reporting to the healthcare system efficiently and cost-effectively.

Rology operates on a pay-per-report basis, ensuring a steady revenue stream while adapting to changing demand for radiology services. This transaction-based model encourages hospital adoption by minimizing upfront costs and resistance.

Backed by investors from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Japan, and Egypt, Rology has experienced significant year-over-year growth since its inception. The company currently operates in nine countries with headquarters in Egypt and regional offices in Saudi Arabia and Kenya.

According to Arab News, Rology’s acquisition of Arkan United marks an important milestone for the company as it solidifies its position in the Saudi market. With its innovative teleradiology platform and commitment to improving patient care, Rology is set to make a significant impact on healthcare in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

Source: According to insiders


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