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Revolutionizing Heavy Industry: CSIRO’s Bold Pursuit of a Hydrogen Game Changer!

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Revolutionizing Heavy Industry: CSIRO’s Bold Pursuit of a Hydrogen Game Changer!

Australia’s national science agency CSIRO and corporate adviser RFC Ambrian have joined forces to establish Hadean Energy, a start-up aimed at commercializing advanced technology that can produce hydrogen with 30% less electricity, contributing to the decarbonization of heavy industry.

To showcase the equipment on a pilot scale in an industrial setting, CSIRO will conduct trials of its Solid Oxide Tubular Electrolysis (SOE) technology at BlueScope’s Port Kembla Steelworks. This innovative technology efficiently produces hydrogen by electrolyzing water using heat and electricity, promising significant cost reductions and emission reductions for hydrogen production in various industries.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), demand for hydrogen is expected to increase by 138% by 2030. However, high production costs and energy inputs remain major challenges in producing green hydrogen. Dr. Sarb Giddey, Principal Scientist in Hydrogen Research at CSIRO, believes that the development of tubular SOE technology is crucial for producing more affordable and efficient hydrogen to help industries reduce emissions dramatically.

The SOE technology developed by CSIRO has the potential to produce hydrogen with higher efficiency and lower cost for integration into industrial processes. It allows for the re-integration of industrial waste heat, reducing electrical energy requirements for hydrogen or syngas production by up to 30%. Additionally, integrating the hydrogen product into on-site industrial processes eliminates storage and transportation costs while significantly reducing fossil fuel usage.

The produced hydrogen can serve as a feedstock for chemicals such as ammonia, petrochemicals, methanol, dimethyl ether, and sustainable fuels. It also finds applications in low-emission steelmaking and heavy transportation. Notably, this technology reduces dependency on international supply chains as it does not require platinum group metals or nickel.

Hadean Energy will exclusively possess the rights to CSIRO’s SOE technology. The testing phase with BlueScope is set to commence in April 2024. The results obtained from this trial will help demonstrate the technology on a larger scale and confirm its technical robustness.

Tania Archibald, CEO of Australian Steel Products, expressed support for the trial project, as it aligns with BlueScope’s sustainability goals. State-owned companies have the potential to significantly reduce hydrogen costs for low-emission steelmaking. The improved efficiency of SOE systems reduces energy consumption and minimizes the electrical infrastructure required by electrolysers.

RFC Ambrian manages a decarbonization technology fund that invests in emerging technologies capable of reducing emissions in high-emission industries. Stefan Skorut, CIO of RFC Ambrian, believes that CSIRO’s tubular SOE technology is well-positioned to address the existing industrial hydrogen market, which currently relies almost entirely on fossil fuels. He highlights that scalable and cost-effective electrolysers are crucial for making green hydrogen and synthetic fuels economically viable.

This collaboration between CSIRO and RFC Ambrian follows their previous successful ventures together, including Chrysos Corporation, Nextore, and MRead.

To learn more about Hadean Energy and its pioneering work in commercializing hydrogen production technology, visit their official website ( For further information on Solid Oxide Electrolysis (SOE) technology or investment opportunities in partnership with CSIRO, explore the CSIRO trading marketplace.

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