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Revolutionizing MedTech: Acrotec’s Game-Changing Move with Dawnlough Acquisition!

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The Acrotec Group, a leading company in the medtech and aerospace sectors, has recently acquired Dawnlough, an Irish company specializing in high precision machining skills. This acquisition is part of Acrotec’s strategy to further develop its medtech division while expanding its presence in the aerospace industry.

Dawnlough, located in Galway, is situated at the heart of one of the world’s largest medtech clusters. With eight of the top ten medtech companies already established in this area, Dawnlough’s addition to the Acrotec Group strengthens its position within this thriving sector. François Billig, CEO of Acrotec Group, expressed his satisfaction with this strategic acquisition as it enhances their competencies in medical and aeronautical technology.

Dawnlough has been steadily growing since its establishment in 1987. Over the years, it has expanded its staff and industrial space in Galway due to its expertise in high precision design and machining of difficult metals. The company specializes in producing tools and components for medical devices, particularly within the cardiovascular and robotic surgery markets. Additionally, Dawnlough caters to the aeronautics industry by providing machining solutions for various products and projects.

With its strong capabilities in design and prototyping, Dawnlough is recognized as Ireland’s largest supplier of custom tooling. The company offers a range of services from rapid prototyping for research and development projects to scalable volume production of components and assemblies. Quality is always at the forefront of their operations.

Brian McKeon, Managing Director of Dawnlough, expressed his pride and privilege in joining forces with Acrotec Group. He highlighted how both companies share core values such as an entrepreneurial mindset, innovation, integrity, and independence. This partnership signifies an exciting new chapter for Dawnlough that will bring added value and numerous opportunities for their customers.

The collaboration between Dawnlough and Acrotec marks another significant milestone for the Acrotec Group as it continues to strengthen its presence in both the medtech and aerospace sectors. This acquisition aligns perfectly with their strategic goals and further enhances their offerings to customers.

It is widely rumored that, this acquisition reflects Acrotec’s commitment to developing its medtech division while expanding into new markets. The company’s ability to balance different divisions and strengthen competencies in medical and aeronautical technology positions them for continued growth and success.

The verdict, the acquisition of Dawnlough by the Acrotec Group is a strategic move that reinforces their presence in the medtech sector while expanding into the aerospace industry. With Dawnlough’s expertise in high precision machining skills and Acrotec’s established reputation, this partnership is set to bring added value and opportunities for customers. As both companies share similar core values, this collaboration marks an exciting new chapter for Dawnlough, further solidifying Acrotec’s position as a leader in the field.

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