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Samsung and Princeton University Collaborate on Cutting-Edge 6G Research

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Samsung and Princeton University Collaborate on Cutting-Edge 6G Research

Samsung Research America (SRA) has recently become a member of the NextG Corporate Affiliates program at Princeton University, signaling a new era of collaboration between industry and academia in the pursuit of advancing research on 6G wireless networks and related technologies. The NextG initiative, launched within Princeton’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences last year, aims to stimulate innovation in networking, sensing, and other key areas that will underpin next-generation data infrastructure.

As one of the founding affiliate members, SRA will work closely with Princeton faculty to provide valuable insights into real-world needs and applications that can guide academic projects. Other corporate partners in the program include major telecommunications players such as Ericsson, Nokia, and Qualcomm.

“The best academic research to help realize the promise of future wireless networks relies on close interactions between faculty and industry technology leaders,” said Andrea Goldsmith, dean of Princeton’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. “Our NextG program aims to foster those deep collaborations around wireless technology, as well as policy, that are required to drive meaningful innovation and global leadership in an era of rapid change.”

For Samsung, this partnership supports its ongoing efforts to consolidate its leadership in 6G—the successor to the current 5G standard. In 2020, the company’s Advanced Communications Research Center published an influential 6G White Paper (PDF), followed by a 2022 paper (PDF) focusing on future spectrum needs.

“We encourage Princeton researchers to continue innovating and developing potentially disruptive 6G technologies,” said Dr. Charlie Zhang, SRA senior vice president.

The collaboration comes after Samsung’s inauguration of the 6G Forum conference last May. With SRA also chairing key 6G standardization groups, the company is now positioned to quickly translate Princeton’s insights into broader ecosystem development.

Together with its new academic partner, Samsung aims to bring wireless technology into a new era in which 6G promises much higher speeds, lower latency, and expanded capabilities to enable new mobile applications.

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