Samsung Fixing The Security Issues With Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Sensor

Following reports of problems with the security of the Galaxy S10/S10 + fingerprint sensor, Samsung has announced that it plans to resolve the issue with a future fix. The S10’s ultrasonic fingerprint scanner would authenticate with a 3D printed imprint and also unlock for anyone when a third party screen was applied to the smartphone.

“Samsung Electronics is aware of the defective fingerprint recognition case of the S10 and will soon release a hotfix,” reads Samsung’s statement to Reuters. South Korean bank KakaoBank has also asked its customers to disable fingerprint authentication with the smartphone.

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The problem is unclear at this time, because ultrasonic scanning technology, which uses pulses to map the user’s fingers, is supposed to be safer than the optical fingerprint sensors embedded in devices. Such as OnePlus 6T and Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

Only Samsung-approved fingerprint sensors are compatible with the S10. It also seems that these security issues do not affect Galaxy Note 10, Samsung’s other flagship smartphone with an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.