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Samsung Galaxy S7 series will not get more software updates

by Rahul Chauhan
1 minutes read

Samsung has stopped supplying the security updates for the Galaxy S7 series. The phones had been released in 2016.

Samsung has stopped giving application updates for the Galaxy S7 series. The S7 sequence has extensive quarterly safety patches. Samsung typically provides two significant OS updates to its flagship phones.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is previous and will no longer get software updates. Very well that is if you treatment as this is an previous cellphone. Google has a – type of unofficial – plan to inquire phone suppliers to guidance phones with software updates for at the very least two many years. Samsung Galaxy S7 introduced in 2016 and gained Android OS updates for two years and stability patches for about two much more years.

Now it is curtains for the Galaxy S7.

Samsung has eradicated the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge designs from the quarterly update website page. These phones would get their most up-to-date security patch in March 2020 and that appears to be the software program these phones will stay on forever.

Samsung had previously reported it would provide a full of two key Android updates on its newest Galaxy S20 sequence of phones. Android cellphone manufacturers usually never have much encounter in supporting their phones with OS updates and safety patches. Google, which tends to make Pixel phones, is much better at delivering computer software updates.

Samsung is also a person of the greater types specially for the premium category phones. The Notice and Galaxy S series phones are perfectly supported. OnePlus is also pretty excellent at providing updates, and commonly HMD World that can make Nokia phones. But of all mobile phone companies, when it comes to OS and stability updates, Apple is the greatest that generally delivers OS updates to its phones for at least 4 yrs, when compared to the common 2 a long time of this sort of updates that Android phones get.

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