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Samsung Implements Corporate Control: ChatGPT Use Blocked on Company Devices

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Samsung Blocks Generative AI Tools like ChatGPT on Company-Owned Devices

As per information from the source, Samsung has blocked ChatGPT and other generative AI tools on company-owned devices and non-company devices running on internal networks after sensitive data was reportedly leaked to ChatGPT last month. The decision was made after workers leaked secret information to ChatGPT on at least three occasions. Now, the company has banned ChatGPT and other AI services like Microsoft’s Bing and Google’s Bard from the company’s computers, tablets and phones.

Temporary Restriction

Although the rule would only apply to devices issued by Samsung to its workers, Samsung is said to be developing its own internal AI tools for “software development and translation”, according to reports. The restriction would be temporary though and last until “security measures are developed to create a secure environment for the safe use of generative AI to improve employee productivity and efficiency,” according to a memo seen by Bloomberg. In the wake of the data leak, Samsung also asked staff using generative AI tools elsewhere “not to submit any company-related information or personal data”, which could reveal its intellectual property, according to the memo.

Data Policies of ChatGPT

ChatGPT’s data policy states that unless users explicitly opt out, it uses their input to train its models. This means that the tool might accidentally or unknowingly learn secret information while users are communicating with it. The leaked data reportedly included sensitive trade secrets and product information.


Samsung’s move to ban generative AI tools like ChatGPT is a reminder to businesses worldwide of the importance of securing their data. As AI tools become more prevalent and sophisticated, organizations need to be highly vigilant about data leaks that can breach security and lead to the loss of highly confidential information. AI tools are designed to improve productivity, efficiency, and user experiences, but businesses should also be wary of the risks associated with using them.


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