Satya Nadella Claims Human Presence Is the Final Connection in the Metaverse

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“When you and I can have a meeting where we are all present together without actually being physically present, that’s the next big breakthrough. And we are approaching this thoughtfully because we have learned from similar transitions in the past,” Nadella said during Microsoft’s ‘Future Ready’ virtual event.

As Metaverse turns into the new tech buzzword, Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella said on Tuesday that human presence is a definitive connection as the digital and physical worlds meet up. Microsoft is making an altogether new platform layer, which is the Metaverse, to bring individuals, places and things along with the digital world in both the shopper just as in the enterprise space. Mesh for Microsoft Teams will permit you to interface with your quality and have a shared immersive experience directly in Teams.

“Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces provides a new perspective on the way people move and interact in physical spaces, whether it’s a retail store or a factory, or even how organisations manage health and safety in a hybrid work environment,” said Nadella.

You can do analytics, you can get real-time insights, you can run simulations, you can automate routine tasks.

Across the Microsoft Cloud, from Azure IoT to Azure Digital Twins to Connected Spaces and Microsoft Mesh, the company is building the “Metaverse intrinsic”.

“In a sense, the Metaverse enables us to embed computing into the real world and to embed the real world into computing, bringing real presence to any digital space,” Nadella added.

Fundamentally, he said, we’re moving from a mobile and cloud era to an era of ubiquitous computing and ambient intelligence, an era that will experience more digitisation over the next 10 years than the last 40.

“We need that next level of real-time hyper-connectivity between businesses and between consumers and businesses, where data and intelligence flow freely to tackle the challenges of supply and demand,” he added.

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