See Hurricane Florence landing on this offshore live cam

The live cameras of the frying pan tower host the Philippine hurricane.

Although Hurricane Florence may be a little weak, there are still some devastating things on some of the eastern coasts of the United States. You can follow the uncontrolled arrival of the storm in the race car released from a terrible offshore perspective near Cape Fear, North Carolina.

Note: Please lower the volume before starting playback. The wind is crazy.

The camera is attached to a frying pan tower 55 kilometers away from Capefia. This tower was once a coast guard lighthouse, but now belongs to a private owner. This course is on the planned orbit of Florence.

The live video stream shows the horns of the tower absolutely destroyed by the hurricane attack edge spreading along the coastal weekend and the American flag. the end. has experienced a lot of Internet traffic for hurricanes, but live cameras have a wonderful stay.

The coming storm caused evacuation along the coast. Images taken with satellites and cameras mounted on the International Space Station It shows a huge hurricane that should cause a sudden increase in storms, strong winds and floods.

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See Hurricane Florence landing on this offshore live cam

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