Seniors in Baltimore City have until May 10 to turn in laptops and hotspots to graduate


Recent Stories from Patrick Pete’s WMAR-2 News Friday night forecast. Students that received their devices as a donation or award do not have to return them. If the device does not have a City Schools equipment tag with a number, it is not owned by City Schools. Also, all students (non-seniors) must bring in their computers in June for cleaning and refreshing.

Graduation is quickly approaching, and Baltimore City Schools is reminding students that they must return their district-issued laptops and hotspots by May 10, or they will be unable to participate in graduation ceremonies. Students have until Tuesday, May 10 to return their computers to the school system. If a student’s laptop or hotspot goes lost or is stolen, they must immediately tell their school. If the gadgets are not returned by May 10, or if a police complaint is not submitted, a financial penalty may be imposed.

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